Adorable Adoptee: Meet: ‘Callie’

Callie is a playful high-energy girl with an athlete’s body.  She is muscular, with not an ounce of fat on her. This girl keeps in shape!

Her favorite type of exercise? Playing fetch. She’ll fetch anything you throw, whether it’s a ball or a stick or a rawhide chew. She’ll wear you out!

Callie is a social girl, who has the biggest grin on her face when she’s happy: her entire face becomes transformed in her ‘happy grin.’  She looks like a goofy cartoon character when she smiles. Such a funny girl.

She immediately flops in front of you for belly rubs, the moment you get near her. She’s just a big ol’ goofy dog.  We think the best home for Callie would be with an active family. Although she has gray on her muzzle, she is an active girl and would be an excellent jogging partner, or your best  buddy as you’re hiking or exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Please contact Paula ( for more information about this pet.

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