Adorable Adoptees: Georgie and Gina

Gina and Georgie were pulled from a regional high-kill shelter because they were so crowded, and a blind dog was not on the “high demand” list. However, they didn’t understand the relationship between Gina and Georgie (who is blind). Gina is his seeing-eye dog. She leads him around the house and yard; he couldn’t navigate without her.

Gina is a young dog, about 2 years old; Georgie is a senior citizen. They came from the same house, there is a good chance that Gina is related to Georgie. She may be taking care of her elderly disabled relative. So you see why they need to be adopted together. Georgie couldn’t function without Gina.

Both dogs are spayed/neutered, current on vaccinations and microchipped.

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