The Bugler’s “Rocks Contest” • Designs or Finds

Perhaps you have joined the thousands of people around Cowlitz County in the painting, hiding and finding of rocks.

Yes, rocks.

What originally started in Port Angeles, WA has now spread like wildfire across the state and world. The painting and hiding of rocks to be found, then either kept or re-hid somewhere else has taken Cowlitz County by storm, as evidenced by the two Facebook pages:

Cowlitz County “Rocks!”

Castle “Rocks”

These two pages are just a couple that people around the area can join, and then post their pics of freshly painted rocks to be hidden with a clue to location, or pics of your special finds. Check out the pages listed for basic guidelines, and to see all of the wonderful rocks hidden around our area.

Each month, the Valley Bugler Community Newspaper will choose a few “special rock” photos for printing in the next issue, highlighting the many artists in the area, both young and old! The judging is done purely for fun, and with a minor preference for young children. There are many talented rock artists, and we would love to see which ones you think should be considered – feel free to “Like” the submissions that you feel should be showcased in the next issue. We will choose one, two or three photos that will be featured somewhere in the paper. Like the rocks, you’ll have to “hunt” to find them.

Do you have a rock that you would like to be considered for the Rocks Contest? It’s easy to do.

1. Go online

2. Login to Facebook

3. Post a pic of your rock

4. Tag the Valley Bugler Newspaper

You can also post your submissions on the two FaceBook pages listed above, or even on our own wall. Just make sure to tag the Valley Bugler Newspaper, and your rock design or find will be published and printed. Just for funsies! ♥

Here are some winners for the November issue! Congratulations to:

*Allison Tannahill’s beautiful underwater themed rock. (Far Left Photo)

*Samantha Thompson & her picture of son Kai (age 3), sporting his finds for the day. (Center photo)

*Codi Maruschak’s life-like owl rock (Far Right Photo)

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