Eagle’s Eye – The Fence

By Bill Eagle
Valley Bugler Columnist

People say that Men are from Mars and women are from Venus and we see things differently.
My wife and I have a fairly large city lot, about a third of an acre. Not big by rural country standards but big enough for our needs. The lot is longer than it’s wide, with plenty of room for fruit trees and a garden.
Many years ago my wife and I built a fence. We thought that we needed a place where our dog could run free and do things that dogs love to do.
It was a nice fence and it was constructed of wood about six feet high with a nice design. It cost quite a bit, but it provided our family with security and the knowledge that our dog could be let out of our house to run free.
I ran a buried electric cord along one side and my wife put in a fountain and a birdbath. It was pretty, it was nice and we loved our large back yard.
The years passed by, time and weather took its toll and what used to be a beautiful fence started to lean and look less beautiful. I replaced a few loose boards, but it was pretty obvious that our one time beautiful fence was aging.
It was an early spring morning when I crawled out of bed and put on my exercise clothes. I was prepared to take advantage of a beautiful day. I grabbed my cell phone and initialized its GPS for my new walking app.
I was just about to leave when my wife cried, “Bill, I think our fence is gone!”
“Our fence has disappeared!”
I looked out of our patio door, and sure enough, we no longer had a fence.
I noticed some people working in my neighbor’s back yard. I approached one of them and inquired. “What happened to our fence?”
The worker responded, “We’re going to build a new one.”
I responded with “Cool!”
My wife was not happy. “Bill, our neighbors never said a word to us about what they were doing.”
I shrugged. “Be happy, we’re going to get a new fence.”
My wife said as I went on my walk, “They really should have talked to us…”
Several days passed and the workers put in treated posts and poured concrete.
“Why haven’t they put up the fence?” asked my wife.
I replied: “they need to allow the concrete to set.”
My wife shrugged, “They’re certainly taking their time.”
I grinned. “These guys are professionals; besides, they probably have a lot of other jobs.”
My wife was not happy.
Several more days passed and then one morning my wife grabbed my arm. “Bill, Bill you’ve got to see this. She whispered; “be careful, but look through the back patio door.”
I looked out and saw a beautiful sight. A large black tailed doe was happily nibbling on my wife’s rose bushes.
My wife was enthralled.
In order to get a good picture, I went outside quietly.
I snapped a few pictures from outside and it was evident that this animal had no fear of people.
The deer finally ate her fill and walked off through our non-existent fence.
I looked at my wife and said “Now aren’t you glad that the fence was open?”
My wife smiled “That deer was simply beautiful.”
The next day, our fence was finished. I looked at it and smiled. I just knew in my heart that my wife would be happy.
“Bill did you see what they did to the fence? They didn’t alternate the boards; they nailed them all on one side. We have the rough side facing us. That fence is really ugly.”
“Claudia, our neighbor built it and there is nothing more lovely than a nice free fence, I think it’s beautiful.”
People say that men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, and it’s true, we do see things differently.

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