2018 Home & Garden Show!

Sat., May 19th: 9am – 5pm

Sun., May 20th: 10am – 4pm

It’s that time of the year when thousands upon thousands of local residents descend upon the Cowlitz Expo Center for the Home & Garden Show, put on by the Lower Columbia Contractor’s Association.

Hundreds of vendors display their wares and offer specials only found at the H&G Show, offering everything from fresh flowers and landscaping supplies to solar energy, remodeling, roofing materials and bids. Ideas are bound to start percolating. In short, just about everyone will find something to satisfy their Spring or current year home improvement project palate.

Teaming up with the Washington State University Master Gardener’s program, the LCCA’s Home & Garden Show will offer free classes and workshops on various subjects that any NW Native could hope for regarding gardening.

The Home & Garden Show charges a $2 admission or 2 cans of food. All of which is donated to a local food bank charity. Your donations help many thankful families in our community. The amount of free giveaways and service discounts more than makes up for the entrance fee.

The Lower Columbia Contractor’s Association represents over 200 local area businesses, many of whom will be offering their services and products for your inspection.

The Home & Garden Show is the perfect place to come and get quotes for home repairs, discover new products and see the latest models of air conditioners or roofing materials.

Whether you are looking to find a new landscape artist for your front yard to increase curb appeal, or talk to some roofing  specialists about that leaky ceiling, the Home & Garden Show is where you’ll find your answers.


Saturday, May 19th


Using Native Plants for Landscaping

WSU Master Gardener Dixie Edwards and her husband Scott, owners of Watershed Garden Works will discuss the advantages native plants have to offer. They will discuss considerations when using native plants and offer great alternatives to using them to spice up your yard. Native plants that offers a large variety of colors and shapes that flourish all year long in this climate.


How to Grow a Red Tomato

Is trying to grow red tomatoes frustrating to you? WSU Master Gardener Alice Slusher will discuss the tips he uses to produce a bountiful crop of red tomatoes. You will learn how to get your tomatoes off to get an early start and what it takes to produce a great harvest of tomatoes.


Lawn Care

Professional groundskeeper and WSU Master Gardener Bryan Iverson will explain everything you wanted to know about managing your lawn. Discussion on the proper techniques in lawn maintenance will include watering, fertilizing, weed control and mowing. Learn the best way to prepare the area for planting a new lawn.


Tips to control moles

Sadly, all too many property owners know the frustration of having that vision of a beautiful lawn ruined by moles. WSU Master Gardener Bryan Iverson will talk about which techniques are the most effective in getting rid of moles. Bryan will discuss what works and what products fail to get results.


How to Compost using worms

WSU Master Gardener Tom Welch Washington State University Master Gardener, will discuss the advantages of vermi-composting which uses worms to break down food into compost. Learn how to manage worms to produce great compost while getting rid of your food waste.

Sunday, May 20th


Growing Vegetables, where to start!

WSU Master Gardener Billie Bevers will discuss what to do in your vegetable garden to plan and prepare it for planting. You will learn when to plant, how to start get an early start and what to takes to maintain healthy plants to get a great harvest.


Tips to Save 4 Buying Groceries

Debbie Fredricks will discuss ways for you to reduce your grocery bill. Do you really save money using coupons? Are BOGO’s (Buy one get one) always cheapest? Do the big box stores really offer big savings? Retailers are skilled at separating you from your money. Learn insider tips from a former advertising manager on how to save money not only on groceries but on many other items you purchase. 


Fruit Tree Pruning for summer

WSU Extension Agent Gary Fredricks will demonstrate the technique used when pruning fruit trees. Pruning your trees will control the size of the tree and improve fruit quality.

Fruit trees should be pruned every year. Proper pruning techniques reduces disease and promotes greater fruit production.

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