Cowlitz Farm Forestry Association’s annual TREE SEEDLING SALE

Cowlitz Farm Forestry Association’s annual TREE SEEDLING SALE will take place, Saturday March 17th at Bob’s Sporting Goods parking lot, 1111 Hudson St., Longview.

The hours for Saturday’s sale are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm or until the trees are gone. Cowlitz Farm Forestry Association is a non-profit organization and a chapter of Washington Farm Forestry Association.

The sale will give the public an opportunity to purchase any number of Northwest native plant stock including evergreen trees, native shrubs, and flowering trees. The trees will cost between $1 and $3 (some as much as $8) and are bare root seedlings.

Varieties include:

• Douglas fir

• Western Red Cedar

• Spruce

• Noble fir

• Mock Orange

• Red Osier Dogwood

• Flowering Currant

• many other native tree species.

Sales are on a first come basis until stock is gone. This is a good opportunity to obtain native trees and shrubs at a very reasonable price.

The trees are obtained in bulk quantities from  nurseries in Oregon and Washington. Because most people can’t use a bag of 100 trees, we sell them individually.

People can pick one or two trees from all the different kinds available. However, if you are interested in large quantity of trees, a good source is the Forest Seedling Network website.

Many of the native species available are good for soil erosion or to help stabilize banks. By planting shrubs or trees accustomed to the Pacific Northwest, people are getting a good guarantee for their money.

Besides giving landowners an opportunity to purchase native seedlings, the sale proceeds are used for an annual scholarship with Lower Columbia College, awarded to an incoming student majoring in science.

Tree Seedling Planting Tips:

The most important rule of thumb is “If they dry, they die”. Keep moist.

Transport the seedlings very carefully, and plant promptly.

If your seedling has gel around its roots, do not shake it off. It helps keep the roots moist.

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