Finnish American Folk Festival

Are you a Finn, or just want to pretend for a few days? Looking for pannukakku? Then the 19th biennial Finnish-American Festival is right up your alley.

The Finnish American Folk Festival will begin at 10:00 am on Friday, July 27th.  It is held at the Naselle schools at the junction of SR401 and SR4 in Naselle, Washington. That day all the food and crafts vendors and exhibits are open until 6:00 pm.

Dan Karvonen will teach Finnish 101 on both Friday and Saturday.

There is no admission charge to the Festival, but a $5 per person donation is greatly appreciated.

The festival will have live performances Friday night and all day Saturday.

Other festival events include: Golf tournament on Thursday, a Paavo Nurmi Run/Walk, a wife toss, and other games on Saturday. Don’t forget to visit the Tori (marketplace) and all the special exhibits such as art, the museum, Finnish war memorabilia, the photo displays, the Viking ship and the arts and crafts.  Authentic foods and a salmon dinner and a pannukakku breakfast, plus food demonstrations will tickle your palate.

Fourteen performing groups will dance, sing and delight the audiences, as well as the much-loved Finnish musical duo known as ‘Allotar’, who performed here in 2014 will be returning. The festival is filled with love and unity.

Sunday ends with a Closing Ceremony, a worship service followed by coffee and pulla. The exhibits, food vendors, and Tori will not be open that day. NO pets, thank you.

Handicapped accessible grounds, and Handicapped parking.

For information and times:


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