Furry Fundraiser Tea Party

Myrtle’s Teahouse
321 North 3rd
Ridgefield, WA
(360)610-7772 for tickets.

The Furry Fundraiser Tea Party is a fundraiser for Angel Wings Rescue Animal Shelter. It is a family friendly event filled with tea, cakes,
music and laughter.

Held on Saturday the 22nd from 2:30pm – 5:00pm, the Furry Tea Party
is held inside Myrtle’s Teahouse. A gift shop with every fun trinket imaginable during a tea party greet you right off the bat, as the delicate clinking of china and friendly converseation filter through.

Tickets are $25 each and include a 4-course tea and entertainment. About Angel Wings Rescue Animal Shelter: Run by Debra Lawson, a retired nurse who loves animals. The ministry was born out of her compassionate heart for dogs and cats that are injured, lost, alone or in need of tender locing care.

She provides them with someone to love and care for all their special
needs. Angel Wings is always looking for volunteers and donations to
help with their ministry. If interested, please contact them at:

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