Make some fun new egg styles this year

Dyeing and coloring Easter eggs has been around for almost as long as time itself, even pre-dating Christianity to when Iranians dyed hard boiled eggs in celebration of the Iranian New Year, that falls on the Spring Equinox. Symbolizing new life, painting eggs is just plain FUN!

This year, mix it up a bit by going with a monster theme, or taking your egg dyeing in stages to come out with fabulous designs.

For monsters, pop on a few googly eyes and find a black sharpie for the facial expressions. Who wouldn’t want to find one of these silly guys in a hunt?

For fine detailed work, use a toothpick with an acrylic paint of your choice over already dyed eggs. (Use vinegar if you want SUPER bright colors, and leave the eggs in a long long time. Also use eggs at room temp.)

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