SLOW Drag at the Port of Ilwaco

Hot rods line up on Howerton Way at the Port of Ilwaco, WA to compete in a coasting competition. Cars have approximately 15 feet in which to accelerate and then coast for 200 yards. To win, a car must cross the finish line and stop closest to the line.
Trophies and assorted gift certificates are awarded during this fun SLOW Drag race.
It’s a great warm up for the weekend, with the “Rod Run to the End of the World” hitting nearby at Ocean Park on the 6-7th.
The Port of Ilwaco is located on the SW Coast of Washington, nestled just inside the Columbia River bar.
It’s a working fishing village in a scenic and tranquil setting. Not to mention popular. If you’re looking to moor a boat there, you had better call to make sure there is availability.
Surrounding the waterfront is a lovely smattering of restaurants, gift shops, art galleries, retail seafood outlets, coffee shops, and a bookstore. There is also the Lewis & Clark Discovery Trail as part of the waterfront walkway.

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