SPIRITS of Longview • 7/3/18

July 3rd • 5pm – 10pm

Held annually at the Cowlitz County Expo Center with FREE parking, this fun Festival brings together old friends and new with good music, food, and of course…spirits!

Hosted by The Pioneer Lions, this is a highly anticipated social event, where people who don’t often see each other can get together and catch up. Food vendors are available, and the smaller cooler wagon dispenses beer and wine coolers. Local wineries and brewers also participate providing a wide variety of refreshing offerings.

$5.00 Entry Fee benefits the Longview Pioneer Lions, who in turn support numerous charities and provide scholarships to students.

‘Spirits of Longview’ Chairman, Greg Swanson, enjoys being a part of this civic minded group that has such a positive impact.

“It shows people what they have inside of them. Their charitable goodness,” said Swanson in a recent interview.

Longview Pioneer Lions meet every Tuesday at Noon at the Longview Eagles Club on 12th Ave in Longview.

To learn more: pioneerlions.org

Or, call Greg:


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