Do the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Morn!

8:30am Competitive Runners

8:32am Runners

8:35am Walkers

Pop the turkey in the oven and then grab the whole family and head over to the Lions Shelter at Lake Sacajawea in Longview, WA for the Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot!

Gives us a good excuse to eat all that turkey and trimmings later in the day.

Prizes for fast times, best costumes, largest family participation and more. Deadline for shirts is Tuesday November 15th, T-shirt, tech shirt or long sleeve shirts available, $10, $15 and $15.

Day of race registration starts at 7:00 AM and is $15.00 without shirt, $25 with shirt. Packet Pick up is from 12:00-6:00 PM Wednesday November 23rd at the Recreation Office. ($10 before Nov.1)

Random prize drawings, too so you could win just ‘cuz you’re lucky.

Never run/walk a 5K before? Well this Turkey Trot is one of the best ones to get started. It’s around beautiful Lake Sacajawea, and nobody’s out to do anything other than make it around the lake!

If you’re looking to do some training before the trot, here are some tips to getting you turkeys into shape!

First of all, you have to register. Once you’re registered, you’re committed! Then, write down your goal of completing the Turkey Trot. Ink it – don’t think it!

A small amount of regular fitness training can have many positive benefits to your life:

*Better physical condition enables you to tackle more activities

*You experience less stress and are more relaxed

*Training can be sociable as well as healthy

*Strengthens your bones (resistance training helps combat osteoporosis)

*Reduces fat and cholesterol resulting in a healthier heart

*Better sleep

*Higher self-esteem and confidence

*Helps promote your energy levels

*Lessens the symptoms of PMS

*Improved concentration

*Enjoy life more

To get started, aside at least 30-45 minutes each day to get sweaty. Yes, that means getting your heart rate up.

Day 1: Walk 15 minutes

Day 2: Walk 1 mile

Day 3: Walk 1.5 miles

Day 4: Rest

Each consecutive week, build in 10 minute increments on day 1, and adding .5 a mile each week. Throw in 10 mins of other exercise too, like bike riding, jumping jacks, etc. on your days of walking.

On your Rest day = REST! Really. Don’t do anything – just rest.

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