From the Editor’s Desk August 2018

valley-bugler-august-2018-smallYes, it’s really true. I am selling the Valley Bugler Community Newspaper. Looking for someone who has a passion for the community, understands business and marketing, and would maybe even consider keeping me on as Publisher and Editor if they want.

My life has expanded here in the Seattle area, and this blessed paper really needs someone who can provide you with a smiling face and local visits. I’ve been doing fine the past five years (FIVE!!!) while living up in Renton / Issaquah, but with my new exciting job as an Elementary Music School teacher, it’s time to pass the paper to someone with a vision to bring joy and laughter into the community.

The Valley Bugler Community newspaper was created from the ashes of The Advocate, a local paper that circulated in the Castle Rock community, and closed down when The Daily News bought it out. The Valley Bugler first began as a quarterly mailer in 1998. Due to demand for affordable advertising, owners Candy and Bill Richey quickly realized the demand way outpaced their quarterly, and began a monthly community paper, the one you’re currently reading. Yes, this paper is celebrating 20 Years of business in 2018!

Run successfully for ten years by the Richeys, and building a solid reputation as a community paper that provided nothing but good news, jokes, events and puzzles, it grew into one of Southwest Washington’s favorite monthly papers.

My ex-husband and I purchased the paper in 2007, and through continuing the positive principals of good business and community first philosophies, grew it to double its circulation size and tripled the locations where it was offered as a free paper.

You can find the Bugler (if you’re quick at the beginning of the month!!) between Centralia and Woodland, and everywhere in between, with the heaviest concentration in Longview/Kelso and Castle Rock areas. Deliveries happen the very last few days of each month to ensure we’re in the racks by the 1st to start your month off GREAT!

Do you know someone that is in sales or marketing, or even a business owner that is looking to capitalize on a great business that has solid footing in the newspaper industry, consistent and loyal clients, incredible readership and is turn-key and ready to roll under new and LOCAL guidance.

It’s really very important to me that my baby is handed off to someone who has local experience and roots, and is interested in helping grow the community as a whole through positive, good news!

Maybe that’s you.

I don’t know. All I know is that I have been called to something different at this time of my life. Something that is within my passion and training and degree – Music Education! I’m back!  Life has taken an interesting tack these past few years, but I can say that I am much more settled with who I am as a person, and that my journey as Publisher / Editor / Sales / Designer / Business Manager of The Bugler has come to an end.

Spread the news! Share the paper with your friends and family! I’ll keep running this until I can find that person(s) that will take this beautiful community publication and help it continue to grow in its legacy.

So this month, I hope that you enjoy this summery issue that August brings to our doorstep. Fun, festivals, sunshine and lazy evenings are hopefully a part of your docket!

Until next month,

Michelle Myre

Publisher / Editor

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