From the Editor’s Desk April 2018

vb-cover-april-2018-smallApril brings us into that time of the year when many of us begin thinking about spring cleaning and DIY projects around the house. Maybe even moving into a bigger or smaller home is on your docket.

Home Improvement. There’s just something about waving goodbye to winter and welcoming spring that makes us get out our brooms and sweep away the dust bunnies from under the furniture. Closets and drawers are sorted and plenty of items head either to the Goodwill or facebook freecycle pages.

With so many options online nowadays for giving and/or selling items, there is less need for dump runs. Not sure if somebody will want your “junk”? Post it online and see. You may be surprised.

Remodeling your home could result in having materials that you could either recycle into the new design or “upcycle” to someone else desiring your materials. This method of material sharing helps keep heaps and heaps of otherwise salvageable materials out of our landfills.

As a home owner many times, there has been a multitude of remodeling projects that surfaced over the years. We even once tackled gutting the main section of our small house close to Lake Sacajawea. Now that was a learning process.

At the time I was very pregnant and mostly unable to help with any of the remodel. A generous friend allowed my small family of 4 to stay in her home during the remodel.

I say generous, and I mean angelic. Two small children under the age of 5 and a pregnant woman? Yes. Angelic, indeed.

Although the remodeling experience was harrowing at times, we sure learned a lot. Mostly to measure three times, cut once. And that nothing comes in under budget. Ever. Or on time. Ever.

Perhaps you have some projects for this spring? Painting a fresh color on some walls? New carpet or flooring? Building a deck or patio? Sometimes even just getting new furniture can make your home feel fresh and new.

Seeing as I am renting right now, there aren’t many “remodeling” projects on the drawing board. Mostly diving into my kids’ closets and scary bedrooms to go through clothes that are too small and ready to be given away, as well as pull out garbage that has been sitting all winter. (Yes, I was not brave enough to tackle that these past few months….)

The garage has been getting the stink eye from me as well as the laundry room, so I’m guessing my cleaning frenzy will attack those two areas as well.

My mom used to call herself the “white tornado” when she went through the house cleaning like a madwoman, and throwing things into the giveaway pile. I don’t know why she called herself “white” other than she said it was because she was moving so fast she was just a white blur. It was this time that my brothers and I would carefully hide our prized possessions and keep a careful eye on the giveaway pile.

Interestingly enough, I find myself turning into a “tornado”, although I call myself “the cleaning tornado”, and my children definitely know what that entails. Funny how things carry over from generation to generation, isn’t it?

I hope you find some happiness in this issue, maybe giving you a suggestion or two for spring projects, and a smile on your face with the jokes and sillies we love to print for you.

Until next month, get cleaning!

Michelle Myre

Publisher / Editor

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