From the Editor’s Desk – August 2017

vb-august-2017 Sunflowers!






Flowers galore!

Yes, my friends, it is finally August. In full bloom with the fruits of our labor. Are your yards in glorious array of color with those lilies, hydrangeas, sunflowers and vegetables

I certainly hope so. It is this time of year that redeems all of the grey gloominess that consumes our corner of the world once Fall and Winter roll around.

This year, due to personal changes and circumstances, I have had to transfer my gardening pride over to the garden and yard of my bestie, rather than my own. Hey, whatever works!

So, I gladly visit her many times a week, strolling around and talking to the plants, plucking weeds and admiring the growth of her blooming garden. Then I pop a couple ripe crops into my mouth and exclaim about their goodness.

What is it about a fresh, ripe strawberry that extracts squeals of delightfrom young and old? With its sweet juices at peak production, it makes even the most reserved in spirit sport an exuberant “YUM!”.

How is your garden growing this year? We would love to see your photos, go ahead and tag us in your Facebook posts, or post it directly to our page so all other readers can “ooh and ahhhhhhh” over the beauty that is dressing your yard.

Maybe your thumb isn’t so green, and you have taken something similar to my tack this year – letting your friends or neighbors do the work while you just view and on rare occasion get to enjoy eating the bounty. That’s completely ok. In fact, some people would swear that plants actually thank them for not purchasing them and attempting to get them to grow in the ground. Because the key word there is: attempt.

Gardening not your thing? That’s ok because we have plenty of other things to do in August around these parts. It’s time to soak up the festivals and fun that blanket the area during this time of year.

Check out the listing of Festivals and Events on the opposite page, and take a few minutes to visit the websites listed to get a more ‘in-depth’ overview of the entertainment and activities being offered.

Thursday and Friday evenings are covered musically in Longview and Woodland, with free live music entertainment from local and Pacific Northwest bands. See article on this page for lineup in Longview, and article on page 11 for the Woodland lineup of performers.

Ticking off one of our Summer Bucket List adventures will include finding some live free music, along with packing a surprise picnic dinner. It’s a surprise because I have no idea what I would pack until I bust out the cooler that evening. That’s the extent of my planning ability, currently.

Along with harvest and festivals, come the Rodeos. If you’re someone that enjoys watching the bucking broncos, bulls, calf roping and barrel racing, then this is your time of the year to fill that Rodeo hankering.

Late July brings the Thunder Mountain Pro Rodeo in Longview, as well as the Long Beach Rodeo in Long Beach, WA. Then it’s Darrington Timberbowl Rodeo in Darrington, among many others on this side of the mountains. Complete WA State Rodeo lineup found on page 5. Go enjoy a rodeo with the fam, and witness some amazing athleticism and talents.

Whatever it is that you have marked on your calendar, I hope that it involves being outside and with other family and friends. This time of the year is truly a time for us to cherish the good weather, and put our best foot forward in filling the days with joy.

Until next month, let’s all go outside and play!

Michelle Myre

Publisher / Editor

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