From the Editor’s Desk – May 2017

valley-bugler-may-2017It’s just not funny anymore. I think you all can agree. This rain, cold and dreary weather is horrid. Last week at pickup time for my son at his elementary school I could see my breath. This is at 3pm, mind you.

It’s just not funny anymore.

We are all holding onto hope that this summer will redeem our hideous winter and spring. Here’s praying, everyone. And fingers and toes crossed, just for good measure.

With the outlook of weather, it’s causing many to be wary of scheduling anything outdoor for Mother’s Day. Good news is that Mother’s Day is later this year, falling on Sunday May 14th. There’s a chance we might see some nicer weather for this special occasion.

Mother’s Day is a tough one for me now. With mom’s death, my passion for this day has somewhat dimmed. Of course I enjoy my own children, and their precious gifts….but it will never be the same as being able to celebrate my own mother.

Perhaps you are in that boat. Missing mom, no matter how many years ago she passed away. It’s tough, yet I’m finding happy ways to remember the wonderful mother she was in my life through special photos and a memory gift. The memory gift is something I recently just decided to make in her honor. It’s going to be an annual gift that I create or build, in her honor on Mother’s Day. If you are one of the millions who are missing your mother this Mother’s Day, be comforted in knowing you are not alone.

The absolutely adorable cover photo this month is a nod to my mom. It’s her and my dad, dressed up for my daughters’ birthday party, of which I’m sure my mom cohersed my dad into wearing that ridiculous purple outfit.

The smiles on their grand-daughters’ faces says it all, doesn’t it? Such love. ♥ This is my “creation” for mom this year, if you hadn’t already guessed.

My mom made it into the age of “being a Senior”, and she was so happy about it, let me tell you! “You won’t believe the discounts I get on Tuesdays!” she would exclaim, sharing her joy of finding deals that no one on this planet could find. On Tuesdays, no less.

Being a senior definitely has its perks, discounts as one of those benefits. It is also accompanied by additional stressors, such as more serious topics as end of life planning, retirement ability, long term care insurance, only to name a few.

Growing up isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, as most seniors will be quick to tell the ‘young folk’. That’s why there are a few pages dedicated to ‘Everything Seniors’ this month, with articles on health, planning and even a few jokes for good measure.

Do you have a senior in your life? Neighbor, parent, uncle, grandparent, or friend? After you have read through this copy of the Bugler, go ahead and pass it along. Most people that I speak with mention that they pick their copy up at their favorite location, and then give it to other family members or friends. Once, a lady told me she sent her copies of the Bugler all the way to Iraq, where her son was stationed. Apparently, the troop requested their “Bugler paper” whenever it was available.

It is my hope that the Valley Bugler fills some educational or informational void in everyone’s lives, whether it be learning about senior retirement options, or reading a good joke you’ve never heard before. We could all use a good laugh after the winter and spring we’ve had.

Michelle Myre

Publisher / Editor

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