From the Editor’s Desk – March 2017

Spring, Spring, Spring!march-2017-cover-small

Well now, the barnyard is busy, in a regular tizzy,

And the obvious reason is because of the season,

Ma Nature’s lyrical with her yearly miracle,

Spring, Spring, Spring!

For some reason each year, the lyrics to the above song from the musical, ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’ runs through my mind as I publish this issue. One of my all time favorite musicals, complete with cheesy songs including this one.

I’ll take the cheese. Along with the sunshine and life that accompanies March. Daffodils, crocus and other early bloomers are poking their way out of the ground, providing a beautiful breath of fresh air. Desperately needed after our horrible winter.

Snow, ice, landslides and wind storms have been our constant companion. We are ready for the sweet spring breezes and warming sunshine.

Gardens are receiving a preparatory shake down by green thumb enthusiasts and probably being stared at by the procrastinators. Which camp are you?

I’m in the “I’ll do it when I can find the time and it’s not cold out” camp. Which means I’m in the procrastinator camp. I admire those who are out there right now, getting their hands dirty. My Christmas lights just came down, so yeah…

As the grass is starting to grow, and the ‘green’ is coming back to life, this is the perfect issue to speak

about Green Living. Now, don’t roll your eyes, Green Living is the practice of sustainability and environmental awareness. We should all be concerned with such things.

There are many different ways to be successful with your own eco conscious practices. First thing to consider is what you are doing now. Do you use environmentally friendly products? Do you buy some organic foods, produce or milk? Do you recycle as much as you can? Do you cultivate a garden of any size? Do you have native plants, trees and shrubs on your property, if you own? Container pots? Support services from companies that are eco-friendly?

Take what you’re currently doing, and try adding one new thing. Why not? What’s the harm? There really is no harm, other than your lifestyle changing a bit.

In our home, I’m trying to cut down electricity consumption. A huge commodity, and an expensive one at that. I purchased magnetic heat vent covers to go over vents in the bedrooms during the daytime. They don’t need heating. Another thing I have done is to lower the heat temperature, and encourage the kids to bundle up if they’re cold. It’s helped my pocketbook and we have survived just fine.

One of my favorite ways to contribute to healthy living is raising a garden. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is the payoff at the end, but the physical benefit of working outside and digging in the earth is a payoff as well.

The plants that I have living inside the house provide healthy oxygen, helping keep the interior air clean. Clean air can help with asthma, allergies and other breathing related problems. Cleaning out those furnace ducts will also help with keeping the air you breathe clean.

Spring cleaning is another item that usually comes up for bid during this season. Instead of hauling unwanted things to the dump, consider listing in a garage sale, bringing to the Goodwill, or posting availability on one of the many FaceBook sites. You know what they say, “One person’s junk is another person’s treasure.”

And that’s ok. It’s a part of the reducing, reusing and recycling principle. After all, this planet was the only one we were given. It should resonate within us to take care of the environment around us, and the beauty that God has for us within.

So as you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, renown for its “green-ness”, take a moment to see
how “green” you really

are. Until next month.

Michelle Myre

Publisher / Editor

Happy Spring, dear readers!


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