July 2016 – From the Editor’s Desk

valley-bugler-july-2016Cold lemonade. Chicken and ribs on the grill alongside fresh corn and veggies. Barefoot adventures in the yard. Dirty kiddos from playing out- side all day. Late evening cocktails on the porch with the bug candles glowing. Firepit parties with friends and dearest family. Heat soaked pool tiles and shade casting umbrellas. Glowing skin.

I could go on and on about all the happiness the word ‘summer’ dials up for my spirit. It is the season of playing in the great Northwest, and I am placing my bets that many of you have summer plans that revolve around partaking of the goodness.
What is YOUR summer fun? This year, let’s share together the many avenues of fun that lives around here. Get on your FaceBook page, and tag some of your “Summer Fun” adventures with:
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If you haven’t “Liked” us on Face- Book yet, then you better hop to it before you start sharing your Summer Fun pics. Why? Because I will be choosing some special Summer Fun photos to be featured in the next issue of the Valley Bugler! Must in- clude names of people, photographer and have permission to print from all who are pictured. ☺
Remember, just tag the Valley Bugler Newspaper (after you like us) and get to sharing so we can all see how much “FUN!” is going on in our communities.
If you’re stuck on what to do in order to have some fun (which I highly doubt), there are many more additions to throw into the think tank contained within these pages.
Festivals galore, free music con- certs, and many many other different types of activities are literally exploding from this issue. I had so much fun
putting this issue together, I couldn’t contain myself from smiling the entire time. That’s a long time.
The beginning of the month offers up multiple areas to explore during the patriotic weekend of July 2-4, and most of it is all free to attend.
Once we get our Patriotic fill, there are other Festivals and fun to fill the activity bucket all month long.
Local libraries have special incentive reading programs running for beginning readers up through high school, and I encourage you to read read read. If you aren’t reading to your kids, no matter how old they are, summer is a great time to begin. Relaxing over popsicles and not stressing over the next day will allow some sweet times and memories to unfold.
My current favorite series to read with my three children is The Chronicles of Narnia.

Other recommended books range from any of the Beverly Cleary books, Nancy Drew, The Hob- bit, Star Wars and any of your own childhood favorites. Reading opens a world of possibilities!
Stop by a library today for that off- chance rainy day, for that book at the pool or hike, or the early morning / late night reading session your kids may suddenly aspire to now that school is out.
I wish all of my readers a very Happy Fourth of July, and encourage everyone to stay safe. The same ex- plosive power that awes audiences can also cause severe injuries when fireworks companies fail to take the proper care in manufacturing and igniting fireworks.
Until next month!
Michelle Myre Publisher / Editor

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