From the Editor’s Desk June 2018

valley-bugler-june-2018-smallJune brings with it the most happiest time of the year….SUMMER!

Included with this most special season is also weddings, anniversaries, graduations and father’s day. June is a busy month…just take a look at my calendar, and your head will start to spin.

School ends, and hopefully parents are well prepared with plans to fill these carefree days with summer fun and mayhem. Ok, maybe not the mayhem part all the time, but just a little is acceptable.

These next few weekends are full of graduation parties for the wonderful young adults that are in my life. Working at the highschool here in the special education classrooms has allowed me to connect with some amazing seniors. The Special Ed program I work in has a great integral approach to learning, and brings in “peer tutors” each class period from the general education population to work with our special needs kids. It’s nothing short of amazing.

Functioning as an elective, students stampede to their counselors to be approved as a peer tutor. It is a very coveted class. It’s not hard to see why. Walking into my classrooms, you are greeted with smiles and high fives, and from those students that can’t speak? Hugs and more high-fives, along with a face that says it all: “Hello! SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!” It makes my life sing with love.

The peer tutors are mostly seniors, with a smattering of underclassmen, and I’m having a hard time preparing to say goodbye to these wonderful people. If you have doubts about the future or our young people, they would all be cast away with the peer tutors. Full of love and life and intelligence, these kids amaze me every single day. Even though summer is coming and their brains are starting to short circuit.

Some of you may be asking yourselves what I am doing working in the public schools. Some of you remember way back when I first started, and I had let you know that I had my education degree and a teaching certificate under my belt, having taught choir and music appreciation four years at Monticello Middle School, and then one year at RA Long High School in Longview. Then my own children started coming along, and I decided to stay at home to raise my babies.

Currently in the middle of a divorce, my financial outlook has drastically changed, and not for the better. As much as I would LOVE for the Valley Bugler to be raking in the dough, it’s not. I’m just small potatoes, and really just do this because I love it. The ends have to meet, if you know what I mean. Enter my full time job at the high school.

So that’s the brief story to explain why I’m working back in the schools again. It certainly fills my day with endless adventures! My first day on the job I was greeted with an emergency situation where a student had decided to throw chairs across the room. Thankfully, my teaching experience kicked in and I was able to take the rest of the class out and remain calm while the teacher and security officer dealt with the student having a massive issue.

Nowadays, chair throwing is a thing of the past, but I do have some incredible stories to share with you. They are full of love and heartache, defeat and triumph. There is one story in particular that I am not quite ready to share, but when I do, I hope that you all join me in the journey.

My days are filled with laughter and tears, working in an amazingly supportive environment with a staff that is more family than coworkers. We have bonded to well and so quickly, it is easy to see how God has placed me there specifically for this time in my life.

Currently, I am working mornings in the LRC2 room with 8 amazing students that are “on the spectrum” in some way, shape or form, and struggle with ODD and severe ADHD. Some days are a massive challenge, but it is all worth it in the end. After lunch with the kids, I work with a young man using a walker. One of the classes is History, and I have to tell you, I’ve learned more in that class than I have in the past month about anything else! It reminded me that as humans, we should always be learning. Never let the learning stop. Even for the summer…

Speaking of summer, the school days are wrapping up, and I will no longer be calling out “Seth, keep your clothes on, please!” down the hallway until next Fall, when hopefully Seth has learned to leave his clothing on when he uses the restroom…

Summer, graduation and Father’s Day wrap up June with a huge smile and hopefully sunshine, too. We have been so blessed these past weeks with great weather, haven’t we? It’s time to get outside and play, or at least make plans to do so.

Next month is a busy one, with the Festivals and Events piling up each and every weekend. To close, I’m going to write out some of my favorite things about summer just to put a smile on my face…why don’t you do the same thing for yourself?

Flip flops. Barefoot. BBQ. Lemonade. Frisbee. Beaches. Fishing. Crabbing. Ocean. Lakes. Rivers. Boats. Swimming. Sunshine. Heat. Warm skin. Late nights. Sleeping in. Camping. Camp fires. S’mores. Music in the Park. Laughter. Sunglasses. SUN.

Until next month!

Michelle Myre

Publisher / Editor

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