From the Editor’s Desk – June 2017

vb-cover-2017Ah, June. We all can sigh a breath of relief as the sunshine has made its glorious appearance after a horrid Spring. Thank God for Summer!

This year, June brings us many things, and on a personal note, some things I would rather not experience.

There are celebrations for Father’s Day, Summer solstice beginning, and all sorts of graduation parties. Anniversaries abound, with June being the most popular month to get hitched, including my parents.

This year is a dichotomy for our family. Celebrating life on one hand, and remembering our mom on the other, who passed away suddenly two years ago this month.

Could it really be two years? It seems like a lifetime, and then again it seems like only yesterday.

Mom raised us well, so we shall absolutely celebrate life, even as we remember her and the impact she had on all of our lives.

She would want us to celebrate! To laugh and be joyous together, reveling in the moment. So we shall.

What are your plans for this June? Do you have a BBQ that you’ve been getting ready? A special date with your dad, or planning a fun surprise? Dads come in all shapes and sizes, whether they are biological or not, they’re meant to be honored this June.

It’s a time where we can come together as siblings and families, and pay tribute to our fathers. It’s so close to summer, that many people get together to BBQ or do something fun outside together. Mini golf anyone?

Whatever you happen to be planning, I hope that it goes extraordinarily well for you, and that memories are created that will last forever.

Kicking off the summer with a party celebrating dads and grads sounds wonderful! It means that we get to choose to focus on sunshine, lemonade and strawberry tarts.

For some reason, it seems that summer brings with it some kind of small relief for the daily grind of life. When the sun is shining, people smile more, they visit with neighbors and pull out of their shell. At least that is what I have noticed about my own self during summer.

If I could use one word to describe myself during the summer, it would be: HAPPY. Yes, that’s it. Happy. Summer makes me feel happy that I can wear flip flops every day if I want to, and finally turn off the heat to the house.

Sunshine abounds, and with it comes growing grass, flowers, plants and animals. The birds are out and making beautiful singing songs with their voices. It’s just lovely.

I could go on and on about summer, as obviously it is my favorite season. There are a ton of festivals and events going on around the area, worthy of bringing the whole family for a super fun time. Concert series in Astoria with their Annual Music Festival, and even the Woodland Planter’s Days festival, which is always fun.

Scandinavian roots? Visit the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival at Clatsop County Fairgrounds. Info on Festivals & events on page 4.

What do your summer plans include? A vacation somewhere around the Northwest? A beach excursion with friends? How about climbing one of our mountains, or taking a foothills hike? Exploring waterfalls or bat caves?

Whatever your plans may be, I hope that you remember your natural sunscreen and hats, life jackets and water bottles. Being prepared for your adventures is always a good idea, and will save you pain and headaches in your future!

Michelle Myre

Publisher / Editor

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