Sharing the Love

The spirit of the Northwest has really shone around here, and especially with the colors of blue and green.

The “Hawk Frenzy” has been explosive, with people jumping on the success bandwagon of the Seahawks, joining the tried and true fans of many years.

It’s always fun to support a winning team, isn’t it? I’ve watched the Seahawks since I was a child, but have fallen away from following the team the past ten to fifteen years or so.

Mainly for the reason that we don’t have cable. Makes it hard to watch a football game, that’s for sure. ☺

12The 12th Man syndrome has caught like a wildfire, and flags are flying all over the place. It’s truly inspiring when you look at all the “love” coming from a wide variety of people living in the Pacific Northwest.

Then it is fitting that this issue should be based all around “love”, being the month of Valentine’s and our Bridal Guide.

As the question of “love” comes up this month more often than in others, I have been pondering what it means to be “love-ing”.

Not just to love a team by wearing blue and green and flying a cute little flag, or chatting with others that I might normally not speak with at the grocery store because we are wearing the same Seahawks gear.

What if we took that “love” and turned it into genuine “love-ing”, as in loving others as much as we love our football teams. Or gardens. Or … you name it.

That’s been my thought recently. Taking the energy that we generate
willingly to support something that we enjoy, and channeling it towards something, well I don’t know, more impactful?

Stay with me for a moment.

As a believer in Christ, I have been given access to the Throne room of God. A God who IS Love.

A God who sent His Son to bear the sins of the world by coming down from Heaven and living a life as a flawless man.

A man who ended up being hideously tortured and mocked, beaten and stripped of his “dignity” by the very people who sang his praises earlier that week. Talk about betrayal!

This guy who stayed silent before His accusers as they called him all sorts of names and placed a crown of thorns on his head, forcing it to stay by pushing it deep into his scalp.

A man who was Jesus.

A man who LOVED us so much that he took the mocking, he took the condemnation and suffering, and ultimately ended up taking our sins upon his shoulders as he lay suffering on the cross and dying.

That is loving.

Because he did it for US. For you and me, and everyone who has ever breathed.

It can not be disputed that Jesus lived and walked on this earth. History records his life in multiple ways, with multiple people.

So it boils down to whether or not what you think he did was loving, or if you believe he did it at all. Is he Lord or a lunatic? He can’t be both.

Thousands of people saw him suffer and die on the cross at Golgatha,
and witnessed him being taken down after he breathed his last.

That is love.

A kind of love that is so strong that after 3 days in the grave, He rose himself from the dead! Nobody in recorded history before then or after has ever managed that one!

For me, it’s really impacting, to be thinking about the act of love that is embodied in Jesus.

Humble, righteous, kind, compassionate, loving Jesus.

Love-ing you and me right where we are. With all of our stinky flaws and failures. With all of our doubt and mean spiritedness. With all of
our struggles. With all of our joys andsuccesses.

He is love-ing you.

He loves you.

And he can fill your life with more joy and love than you thought possible. He can allow your heart to forgive, through HIS strength, those who have wronged you. He can hold you in your deepest trials and during your darkest nights.

He doesn’t promise an easy life, but he does promise he’ll be there with you through it all.

Because he loves you.

So, my friends. If you’ve been aching for a love that is unconditional, a love that reaches into your hidden places and still loves you, a love that turns away the darkness and fills it with light – then come to Jesus.

Come to love.

Perhaps you have fallen away, filling your heart and life with things of this world.

Perhaps you are struggling through a crisis on your own and it’s not working. I’m in that camp myself.

Perhaps you have never known Love as it is meant to be.

Perhaps you are just tired of trying to fill that hole in your spirit with ‘things’ and have realized you’re still missing something.

Maybe this little message is bugging you to pieces and you can’t figure out why.

Come to love.

Come to find a love that covers a multitude of sins. Come to a love that will cherish you and be with you forever. Come to a love that is fiery and powerful and strong. Come to a love that is soft, healing and all encompassing.

If you’re feeling a tug in your heart or a pull on your spirit to do something, then do it. Listen to yourself. Take some time to really listen to the state of your spirit.

Maybe you already know this love. You’ve got Jesus in your life and you are his servant. He’s your King. Praise God!

Perhaps he’s calling you to be morelove-ing? Calling you to step outside of your comfortable boundaries and love others in a way you have never thought possible? Calling you to clean up areas of your life that you have chosen to ignore? Hear him.

My friends, regardless of whatever camp you are in, even if you think that what I have outlined is a load of poopoo, I believe that with Jesus Christ, ALL things are possible. All.

Remember, he raised himself from the dead, and paid for your sins with
his blood. Because he loves you.



I hope that this issue blesses you, and gives you a few ideas of ways to celebrate your own “love” for others.


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