March into Spring

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Some of my most favorite words are printed on this page in the 4 Corners Farm & Garden ad below: SPRING IS COMING!

Rejoice! Let the bells ring and everybody sing! Spring is coming!
You can smell it in the air, see it with the small blooming crocus and daffodils preparing to let forth their glory. The earth is warming up and we are about to embark into Spring!
Yes, those of you who know me, completely understand my distaste for the wretched season we call ‘winter’, and my absolutely and complete love for Spring and Summer.
Don’t get me wrong, my favorite holiday is Christmas, but that is the only saving grace for winter in my book.
March is the time of year in the Northwest where things start to finally lose their gloom, and we anticipate summer coming shortly thereafter. It almost makes all the rain bearable, am I right? Oh yes, and the days start getting longer. Finally.
We get to start digging in the ground, begin planting, and witness the new birth of little chicks and animals on the farms.
This is the time of year that I have been holding on for, through the dreary depths of winter.
Thank the LORD almighty, Spring is a ‘comin!
It’s a time where many people begin ‘spring cleaning’ their homes and closets and shaking out the “unnecessary” items in life. A time of year where the thought of living a simpler lifestyle or perhaps changing habits are still in the forefront of our minds.
And so, with that thought in my mind, we offer you the “Green Guide” in the heart of this issue.
Found beginning on page 10, the Green Guide is an annual section that gives resources and interesting information about sustainable living, environmental issues, education and even a funny story or two.
In my life, I must admit that I have been dubbed a “Granola Girl” more than once by my friends. Somewhat of a hippie and always keeping one eye towards “earth”, I earned the title in college when I went on my vegetarian kick.
It was a kick that lasted eight years, but I ate so many granola bars, that my friends and family blessed me with the Granola Girl title.
Vegetarianism aside, I have always loved this beautiful earth that the Lord provided. From marveling at cloud patterns to being engulfed in the ocean’s waves, I’ve always loved His Creation.
Growing older, the concept of sustainability and “living off the land” took on new meaning as I started a garden and learned about turning waste into a valuable resource, known as compost.
To satiate my curious nature, studying crops and how to grow a garden has become a deep seated passion.
Digging your hands into God’s earth results not only in things you can EAT, but it’s scientifically proven to help make people healthier.
Go figure!
Doing everything from lowering blood pressure and stress levels, working outside in the “gardens” gives people nothing but pure benefit.
Sure, sometimes it results in a sore back or aching muscles, but it beats saying that you sat inside and watched tv all day on the couch.
If you’re new to the idea of gardening or utilizing energy saving methods of living, then I hope this issue will help guide you towards becoming educated on the subject, and encourage you to make some “green” changes in your own life.
It can be as simple as following the tips that come out from the PUD each month on energy conservation, or using low-flush toilets and other water saving tactics.
Maybe you’ll start growing your own food this year. It doesn’t take much space, really. There’s plenty of information out there about planting and gardening in containers and on small patios or enclosures – think vertical space!
What I can promise you is that when you incorporate more of the ‘green living’ into your lifestyle, you will be rewarded.
Personally, I like the rewards of harvesting from my own garden, and watching my children joyfully stuff themselves on vegetables like swiss chard, green beans and sugar snaps right off the vine.
You don’t have to go crazy with a garden filled with thirty-thousand things! Start small, and start with the stuff that you like to eat. Fresh lettuce, peas and beans are ultra-easy to grow, and I recommend going with leaf butter lettuce since it’s super tasty and you can continually harvest it instead of waiting for it to develop into a full head.
One year, we grew red lettuce and butter lettuce along with some swiss chard and spinach. Despite every effort to get my three year old son to eat spinach, it wasn’t until I named it something that he suddenly devoured every single leaf.
Fire power.
Moms of little kids will recognize this is a Super Mario term. I highly suggest naming vegetables with what your children enjoy. It pays off tremendously!
It will forever be burned into my memory the image of his little legs pumping as hard as he could down to the garden in order to pick out his “own fire power” to eat.
Let me tell you, I felt like an absolute genius!
Until next month, I hope you are planning and preparing to get outside and play!


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