From the Editor’s Desk – May 2018

vb-cover-may-2018-smallApril showers bring May flowers mantra certainly worked this year, as well as that lovely week of 70-80 degree sunshine we were blessed to enjoy at the latter end of April. My skin got toasty and the freckles began their annual appearance, sparking comments of “Oh hey! I didn’t know you had so many freckles”, and “Do you even tan?”. I usually tell people that I don’t tan, my freckles just grow closer together…

May brings us Mother’s Day, a celebratory Sunday that I am happy to say is sometimes shared by my oldest daughter. She brought me into motherhood, so it’s only fitting that we get to celebrate her around the same time as Mother’s Day. My second daughter’s birthday is just nine short days later, so it’s a mecca of birthdays around our house for May. (Auntie Pam, Cousin Bailey, Grandpa O and Auntie Liesa also hold birthdays within that time period.)

Mother’s Day is bittersweet for me since my mom died. That’s us together in Leavenworth pictured at right. It’s beautiful and poignant remembering her, as well as celebrating the children who made me a momma myself. The circle of life.

It is this circle of life that creates the theme of the May issue in your hands. Motherhood begats children, which in turn begats grandparents. Many grandparents are seniors, and enjoy the delightful privilege of caring for a grandchild, sugaring them up, and then passing them back off to mom or dad with a smirk on their face and a cheery “toodle-oo!”

Seniors are full of life’s wisdom, harboring many tips and tricks for which to get that teething infant to calm down, what magical cure works best for chicken pox or poison ivy, and countless recipes for the world’s best brownie.

When my mom suddenly passed away, I was struck by all of the “wisdom” that I hadn’t yet been imparted. There were still questions I had to ask her, and problems I hadn’t encountered yet that she needed to help me noodle out.

There are countless options at book stores and online, specifically Amazon, for “Memory Books” for grandparents to fill out for their grandchildren. They are easy to follow, read, and fill out. Incorporating fun designs and thoughtful questions to answer, you can either complete with your family or on your own as a gift.

Until next month!

Michelle Myre

Publisher / Editor

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