From the Editor’s Desk September 2017

vb-september-2017September is here, and we will be saying goodbye to Summer while welcoming Fall. But until the cooler temps really hit, let’s just all keep wearing our flip flops, ok?

I recently realized that my birthday is in summer, falling at the tail end, but still summer nonetheless. The fact that it has taken me over forty years to come to this stunning conclusion should make everybody laugh. Like, really laugh. I know that I did when I realized that my special day falls in my most favorite time of year. Super smart one, I am. Golly.

People have been asking me what I’m doing for my birthday, whereas I respond with the blank look and raised eyebrows. I really have no idea. Spending time with people I care about is at the top of the list, so maybe I’ll celebrate the Indian summer days and grab a few friends to do some standup paddleboarding or kayaking on a lake.

At least the sunshine will (prayerfully) still be shining, and the leaves will begin their annual changing into my favorite colors of orange, red and yellow. I think that’s pretty neat that during my birthday season, the Lord saw fit to bless me with thousands of leaves decorated in my favorite vibrant colors.

September also brings us the last of the Summer Festivals, and walks us gently into Fall Festivals. Fall festivals are those that you wear boots to instead of flip flops.

The annual Highlander Festival, featuring Scottish and Celtic culture, will descend once again to Tam O’Shanter Park on September 9th and 10th. This festival is super fun for the whole family. Where else do you get to see brawny men throwing huge logs dozens of feet while wearing kilts? See article on opposite page.

Another festival that absolutely blankets the Northwest during this time of year is Oktoberfest. Thankfully, most Oktoberfest celebrations are family friendly, and have incorporated fun games and activities that kids of all ages can participate.

If you’re one who doesn’t mind driving a bit, the Oktoberfest in Leavenworth is always a fantastic celebration, set in the Bavarian mountains. Well, not really. But it sure looks like it, surrounded by the beautiful mountains and Bavarian styled village storefronts. Complete with cobblestone streets and polka bands, this one books out a year in advance, so if you haven’t planned on going yet, you’ll probably be stuck getting lodging in Wenatchee, which isn’t too far away from the hub bub.

Speaking of hub bub, it’s that time of year where the kids are packed back off to school during the day, schedules fill up with soccer and cheerleading practices, and parents remember what it is like to be head chauffeur for those not yet old enough to drive.

I am in that category, too.

Cheerleading and soccer fill my life this fall, as I’m coaching the Cheer team for one of the local youth football clubs. My daughter, Cora, is one of the Captains again, and I treasure the time I get to spend with her on the field. Consumes a lot of time, but I enjoy seeing the growth not only in my daughter, but the other young girls as well.

When I was in highschool, many moons ago, I was in the pep band, and definitely not a cheerleader. Playing piccolo, I got to set the tempos for a lot of the songs, because everybody could hear me. (A piccolo is the highest pitched instrument, and looks like a small flute).

Our cheerleading squad was known for being…..snobby. And rude. AND mean. That isn’t an excuse for what I am about to confess to you…

Football games had the pep band up in the top of the stands, and the cheerleaders on the track / field. They would be doing their cheers, and from time to time we would play one of their songs that they had a routine prepared. One such routine was the fight song.

The tuba player and I had a special look between us whenever we got to the fight song, and we would begin very slowly. Ever so stealthily, I would increase the tempo along with the tuba player, until the cheerleaders were doing their routine as fast as humanly possible, while the pep band played innocently faster and faster…

Yes, I was a naughty one. Our instruments were our only weapons against the cheerleaders, and it made it all worth it to see them trying desperately to keep up with our speed. Sometimes we couldn’t stop laughing, even as they were chewing us out….

Until next month, let’s all go outside enjoy the last days of summer!

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