Valley Bugler From the Editor’s Desk September 2018

valley-bugler-september-2018-cover-smHave you ever had those times where you feel like your brain is going to literally explode? Like, kaboom.

Well, that’s where I’ve been at for the past few weeks, and especially the past couple of days. Preparing for a new job teaching elementary school music, wrapping my head around being a teacher again, working this newspaper, and finalizing a long divorce process….it’s been a lot, to say the least.

During these times of trial, we see those around us that reach out in love and concern. My children especially have been very attentive and verbal towards me with both encouragement and actually pitching in with chores. Without being asked. I know, right? Wow.

They can sense that mom has a short fuse. They’re not stupid.

Here we are wrapping up summer in the next few weeks, and all I want to do is whine and complain that I didn’t get my “full summer” time. I want to stamp my feet and shout that the smoke kept us all inside when we wanted to be outside exploring and playing in this glorious Northwest vicinity.

First world problems.

Really, they are. I had been whining about my situation to myself when I found out some news about a dear friend. Shocking news that her cancer that she had fought thirteen years ago had re-occurred. It was back and she’s now fighting for her life once again, with a terrible situation before her. Her beautiful 2 year old daughter and husband crowd my mind.

Talk about redirection of priorities and concerns for my own life. Suddenly, my trials became moot. They shrank in comparison with what I saw as a true challenge in life – fighting cancer. Fighting for life. My little complaints were just that – little. Petty.

It was a wonderful shift of focus for me, and actually helped inspire some more creativity as I prepped for my sweet little Mozart’s to arrive this next week. I had stopped grumbling, and started singing again. The reality check allowed me to come back into what is really important in this life, and find the strength to deal with what was before me on my own plate. In perspective.

Yes, summer is ending. There will be another one next year. Yes, autumn is coming and fall will soon arrive. Time to break out the cute boots and warm sweaters! Shake out the fluffy warm blankies, and look at getting a good reading list rolling. It means I get to start burning warm smelling candles, and maybe even start decorating the house with fall colors in a little bit. Heck, it’s even my birthday in mid-September.

September is still a time of fun and activity around our beautiful part of Washington. You will find the Highlander Festival an exciting addition to your September 8th weekend, complete with Highlander Games and Competitions. If you’ve never seen someone throw a caber before, it’s high time. (Pun intended).

A couple years ago, I took my kids to the Highlander Festival, and had fun watching all of the dancing, and especially listening to the music. It was as if we were transported to a village party somewhere in Scotland.

The Fall weather is a perfect backdrop for a plethora of outdoor activities. So revel in the last few days of warm sunshine, and soak up the fun! October is soon on its way!

Until next month,

Michelle Myre

Publisher / Editor

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