Fruits & Nuts: February 2018

A Miracle Trip to Israel! By the time this column goes to print, Lord-willing, my husband and I will have left for a ten-day trip to Israel! Here’s how it came about: Last fall, my son, Dave LeMieux, who lives in Colorado, called and asked if we’d like to join him and his team, for “the trip of a lifetime”: 10 days in Israel! Dave has a jazz band, and he and his band, More Than Music, have traveled all over the world performing “At the Table with Dr. King”, an original program Dave wrote years ago, describing Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and legacy with the Civil Rights Movement.

January 19th, 2017, they performed locally here at Toutle Lake High School and were very well received by staff and students. They challenged students to “listen for the call” on their own life, and to do all the good that they can while they can!

In addition to high schools all over the United States, they’ve performed in Russia, India, Africa, Dubai and other countries, and now the Israeli government and the US State Department have requested he bring his program to 6 Jewish High Schools in and around Jerusalem! So January 19th through the 29th of 2018, we’re headed to Tel Av-iv with Dave and his team, and, while they are performing, my husband and I, and a small group of family and friends of the band, will spend 10 days seeing things like the Israel Museum; Jerusalem Model; the Shrine of the Book; the Temple Mount; the Pool of Bethesda; St. Anne’s Church; City of David; Hezekiah’s Tunnel; Pool of Siloam; Southern Steps; Davidson Center; Western Wall; Via Dolorosa; Church of the Holy Sepulchre; Masada; En Gedi; Qumran; the Dead Sea; Jewish Quarter; Burnt House; Church of Peter in Gallicantu; Upper Room & David’s Tomb at Mt. Zion; and Meggido. Then we arrive at the Sea of Galilee, where our tour includes the Decapolis; Sabbath morning on a Worship Boat; the Mt. of Beatitudes; Capernaum; Magdila; Nazareth Village and Caesarea Maritima. We’re scheduled to arrive back in Portland late the 29th, and will spend a day or two resting.

Am I excited? Definitely! Our tour guide has assured us that this will be “the trip that keeps on giving”. He said we will never be the same. Dear Friend, I just wish I could pack you in my suitcase and bring you along! But for now, I just pray you, too, will get to visit Israel someday if you have that desire. Our creative God can do mighty miracles of provision and He loves to surprise & delight us!

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