Fruits & Nuts – Hop into Spring

By Paddy Elkins
Valley Bugler Columnist

Springtime! Oh how wonderful to get out in the fresh air and sunshine again after a long, cold winter!

What is your favorite season?

Each season has its own unique beauty and appeal, to be sure, but there’s just something extra special about Springtime, don’t you think?

It is interesting and inspiring that the seasons outside seem to mirror the seasons in our own lives. We have times of bleakness where everything seems to be receding and withdrawing, like in the winter months. The landscape is barren of leaves and colors. Snow covers everything and grey skies are the order of the day. We retreat into hibernation and get caught up on reading and resting.

And then, suddenly REBIRTH! Spring comes along and brings flowers, birds, butterflies, sunshine and life! The colors, light and sounds beckon us outdoors. And we are not disappointed. Every time we open our doors, we are greeted with birdsong, brightly colored flowers, the sounds of children playing outside, neighbors calling to each other over the fence…

Life has returned. Hope has sprung up again, and we know we are going to be OK. We start to reconnect with

Personally, I can’t wait to get out in

the garden and plant some flowers. I love the promise of reaping what we sow. Whether it’s flowers, fruits, veggies or FRIENDSHIPS, it’s wonderful to glean benefits from time well-spent in the garden, and in the “garden of life”.

So get on out there! Open your door. Go for a walk in the fresh air. Greet a neighbor. Smile at a passing stranger. Hug a child. Plant a seed. Bask in the sunshine. Listen to the birds and the squirrels. The time for action has arrived. Get off the couch. Turn off the TV. Go join the ranks of the living. After all, it is Springtime! Don’t waste one precious moment of it!

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