Fruits & Nuts: January 2017

By Paddy Elkins

Valley Bugler Columnist

WOW! It’s 2017!!! A brand new year stretches out ahead of us, beckoning us forward.

What adventures await us? What challenges will we face? Who will play a significant role in our lives this year? Whose lives will we impact, for better or worse? What new friends will we make? Which old friends will become even more precious?

Will this be a year of “getting organized”? Will we finally purge our boxes of miscellaneous “stuff” and get down to “the essentials of life”? That would be nice.

Will we finally tackle writing that story that’s been clambering around in our heads for a while? If we do, who knows? It might actually bless somebody!

And what about sharing random acts of kindness with folks who come across our path this year? Wouldn’t that be a good thing to do?

I know a lady who packs an extra lunch in her car each time she goes to town – in case she meets a homeless person who is hungry. That inspires me!

Think of the most inspirational person YOU know. What do they regularly do that is a great example to you? Imitate them!

Instead of cursing the darkness, LIGHT A CANDLE! BE the change you want to see in the world! Find your own calling and pursue your own passion!

Nobody can touch the lives of those in your sphere of influence quite like YOU can. So let this be the year that you reach out and touch others!

Make that call.

Visit that friend.

Write a letter to that “Shut-In”.

Text that Grandchild!

Tell your significant other that you love them and appreciate all they do.

And look in the mirror, and forgive the person you see there. It’s important, and it makes it much easier to be gracious towards others, when they need forgiveness.

I hope that 2017 is your best year yet! Remember, when times are toughest and days are darkest, true lights shine brightest, so let your light shine!

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