Fruits & Nuts: January 2018

An Amazing Experience! Some of you will laugh at this because you are experts at technology, but for us “sixty-somethings” who are still somewhat baffled by it all, you will understand and possibly even relate!

I just awoke from a sound sleep (at 11:20pm on December 5th) and had the thought: “I wonder where I can buy Dawgs sandals?” (For my upcoming trip to Israel). On a hunch, I quietly went to the kitchen and found my cell phone.

“OK Google”, I spoke to my cell phone screen. “Listening”, it spelled back to me. “Where can I buy Dawgs sandals?” I spoke to my cell phone screen.

It spelled my message as I spoke it into the phone and even spelled “Dawgs” correctly, after I had finished the entire sentence, changing “Dogs” to “Dawgs” all by itself! Then, in almost real time, it answered me: “Target, Walmart, Amazon, Walgreens and ebay.” It showed a variety of styles and colors of Dawgs.

I was able to find a cute pair that matches a dress I plan on bringing to Israel. Cost on was only $13.60 for Dawgs womens loudmouth Z sandals in my size.

I didn’t buy them. Because I’m not exactly sure how to do THAT yet, but I’m greatly encouraged that they seem to be readily available and tomorrow I’ll tackle that part of this project, but my brief experience tonight with Google has given me hope that I’ll have those sandals in time for my trip.

What’s so amazing about this? Well, I am amazed that we live in a day and age where you can TALK to your phone late at night when all your friends and family are asleep, and ASK it a tricky question, and BINGO, it KNOWS the answer and actually ANSWERS you. Isn’t that comforting? And, thanks to the computer lessons I had for FREE at Goodwill a few years ago (Goodwill offers that service on it’s vocational side and I highly recommend it!), I am not afraid of technonlgy anymore. In fact, I kind of enjoy it! And I want to learn more.

It’s a NEW YEAR. One of my goals for 2018 is to learn how to shop online. (ie: to actually BUY those sandals!!!) But, for now, I’ve learned enough to satisfy my curiosity and I think I can go back to sleep now, mission (almost) accomplished! Tomorrow is a new day. For tonight, I am content. Sweet dreams, everyone! ZZZZZZ!

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