Fruits & Nuts : October 2018

By Paddy Elkins

Valley Bugler Columnist

There is something wonderful about having an adventure to look forward to. My friend, Angela, always told me to have my next trip “on the horizon” so I could be anticipating it, even while I’m on my current excursion. Good advice, Ang ela!

Last January, Steve and I went to Israel for ten days with my son, Dave, and his wife, Tina. While Dave’s band played at six Israeli High Schools, Steve and I got to tour Jerusalem and the area around the Sea of Galilee, and to collect many A.MA.ZING. memories. A life-long dream come true!

This past summer, I visited Nashville and sang at my sister’s wedding. The great memories from that trip, tucked away in my mind, will help sustain me through Autumn’s rain. While there in Nashville in June, I KNEW I was going to get to fly to Colorado in early September to attend my son, Dave’s, Blue Gospel Script presentation in Denver. (My husband, Steve, let me use his Nashville voucher to go to Colorado! God is so GOOD!) So I got to go to Colorado for 8 days and to visit TWO of my sons, and their respective families. It was so enjoyable and refreshing, and made “coming home” all the sweeter, helping me to see the “good life” that we have with new eyes of appreciation!

And now, Steve and I are planning to be “Rain Birds” and to go to Carmel for a bit, if rainy days get to be too much for us this winter. Already, we are anticipating this “Get Away” and looking forward to the adventures we’ll have there!

But the greatest adventure of all awaits us at life’s end! The Bible says that “Christ in us, (is) the hope of glory.” Do you know Him? Is He your great hope and final destination? He CAN be! Invite Him into your heart and allow Him to guide your steps. He’ll bring you safely home to the wonderful place He’s been preparing for you, my friend!

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