Fruits & Nuts: Saving Goodwill

By Paddy Elkins

Valley Bugler Columnist

‘Tis the season for peace on earth and goodwill towards men. And speaking of goodwill, I would like to dedicate my December column to the wonderful Goodwill organization, because Jobs Change Lives”, and that’s what our local Goodwill Store is all about!  Did you know that Goodwill offers free job training & GED classes to At-Risk Youth, Displaced Homemakers, Veterans returning to the workforce, Senior Citizens and to other segments of the population?

That’s right! When you shop at Goodwill, the profits benefit the community at large, and when you “Round-Up” and donate your change to Goodwill, that money goes directly to our local Vocational Services Program situated on the “training” side of the Goodwill building, located at 1030 15th Ave, Suite 300, in Longview.

There, great teachers like Bill Carnahan, teach computer lab classes to people that are job searching and Senior Citizens like me. Yes, I took his class last year and learned so much! I can’t say enough good things about it. Thanks to Mr. Carnahan’s patience, I learned Microsoft Word 2010; Excel 2010; Outlook 2010; Power Point 2010; Internet E-mail; Internet Software & Windows File Management.

Recently, Goodwill lost some key funding, and had to cut some classes from their program. Let’s support our local Goodwill Store this Christmas by donating household goods, clothing, shoes, accessories and furniture to them, and by purchasing new and “gently used” items from Goodwill for stocking stuffers and gifts for family & friends. And then by “rounding UP!”

Each month, you can get the Goodwill Store Calendar, which highlights 50%-off days; 25%-off days; Yellow tag sales; Pink tag sales; Orange tag sales; Student Discount Days; Senior Discount Days; Military Discount Days, etc.

It’s a perfect way to help others while helping yourself to huge savings and great fun at the same time.

Merry Christmas, Friends! And remember – Jesus is the Reason for the Season, so take time to consider the important things in life, this month, remembering the important things in life aren’t “things”, but people!

So why not bless some people by donating some things you don’t need any more to Goodwill? The person who benefits most might just be yourself. Your closets and drawers will be emptier, and you’ll have more room in them to put away all your Goodwill purchases when you get back home.

Merry Christmas!!!

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