Fruits & Nuts – Pray for Peace

By Paddy Elkins

Valley Bugler Columnist

Pray for Peace

Last month, I introduced you to Emma, Lilly and Libby, three of my neighbor Shannon’s, children. I told you about a special “play date” I had with these three delightful young ladies in mid-July while their Mama had a “day off” to tend her youngest child, Eva Joy, and to ready her household for an upcoming relocation.

Fast-forward to today, August 11th.

Since Shannon’s family moved away from the house next-door a couple of weeks ago, the herd of cows they used to feed and water for their landlord, had become a little anxious.

Last evening, the cows were all bellowing and crowding up against their fence, and I went out and had a talk with them to calm them down. I realized they might need water in their trough, and made a mental note to contact Shannon in the morning and see about the landlord’s number so I could let him know about the cows.

In the morning, the cows were bellowing again and crowded up against their fence again. So I called Shannon about 8:30am hoping I wasn’t waking her up. She answered but was crying. I said: “Shannon, are you OK? What’s the matter?”

She sobbed: “Oh Paddy, we lost Eva this morning.”


“Yes, she was in her crib…” (and then, before she could finish her sentence, Shannon & I got disconnected from sketchy cell-phone service.)

Oddly enough, once I called Shannon, the cows stopped bellowing. Perhaps they were just the catalyst I needed to call my sweet neighbor and learn of her terrible loss!

Shannon’s landlord came over later in the day to tend the cows. He humbly and brokenly confirmed that Shannon had lost her 9 month old baby girl to Crib Death sometime during the night or early morning. Understandably her whole family was devastated.

I am asking you dear readers to do two things: Would you please say a prayer for Shannon and her whole family that God would comfort them and give them peace in this season of loss? Secondly, tell somebody you love that you love them dearly – TODAY – even if you think they already know it. Thanks.

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