Three Helpful Words

By Paddy Elkins

Valley Bugler Columnist

Recently, I made an astounding discovery – “accidentally”, and here it is:

When I say: “I’m over it!” with humor, sincerity and gusto, I can derail frustration, anger and bitterness before they gain a foothold in my soul and have a chance to ruin my day.

As I said, this discovery was made recently and accidentally, because until I spontaneously said: “I’m over it!”  for the very first time a few weeks back, I had no idea the beneficial effect those words would have on me. BUT, they absolutely defused a potentially volatile situation I was dealing with that day, and helped me to feel “detached enough” from whatever problem had been escalating and causing my emotions to go “haywire”, to allow me to regain my composure and recover my emotional equilibrium before I said or did anything I probably would have regretted.

Since that day, I have found myself deliberately saying: “I’m over it!” several times a day as a way to cheer myself up and to prevent me from getting too stressed out about anything or mired down into all sorts of “garbage feelings” that I simply don’t want in my life.

So, if you, too, struggle with feelings of anger and frustration at times, and long for as much mental, emotional and physical freedom and flexibility as possible, I encourage you to adopt this helpful little phrase and to use it whenever you feel the need.

But if you could care less about this awesome discovery of mine, and have no intention of incorporating it into your everyday life, that’s OK, too. “I’m over it!” ☺

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