The Lighter side ☺

Heart Problems

Dear Diary,

I was being prepped by the heart surgeon when he suddenly said, “Don’t worry, Adam. This is an easy operation. Everything will be all right.” I replied, “Thank you Doctor, but my name is Harry”.

The heart specialist said, “I know that. Adam is my name.”

Marvel Humor

Captain America was talking to Iron Man,  He said he had met Thor’s brother, but that  in spite of being from Asgard and being one of Odin’s sons, he didn’t brag about it much. 

In fact, the Captain said, he was pretty Loki about the whole thing.

Freshman Bricks

While a friend and I were visiting Annapolis, we noticed several students on their hands and knees assessing the courtyard with pencils and clipboards in hand.

“What are they doing?” I asked our tour guide.

“Each year,” he replied with a grin, “The upperclassmen ask the freshmen how many bricks it took to finish paving this courtyard.”

When we were out of earshot of the freshmen, my friend asked our guide: “So what’s the answer?”

The guide replied: “One.”


Five-year-old Jimmy was playing with his little sister, one-year-old Jenny, in the playroom while their mother was in the kitchen. Hearing screams, she ran into the playroom and saw Jenny with a handful of Jimmy’s hair, yanking away.

She separated the two, and Jimmy was yelling, “Spank her! Spank her!”

“It’s not her fault, son,” their mom said. “She doesn’t understand that it hurts when she pulls your hair.”

The mom walked back into the kitchen, but 30 seconds later she heard screams again. She ran back into the playroom to see Jenny in tears. “What happened?” she demanded.

“Not much,” Jimmy said. “Only now she understands.”

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