Out of the mouths of babes….

I just can’t pick up my toys because my arms are taking a nap.

-Mikey, age 3

Hey Mom, this Scottish tape isn’t sticky. Do we have any Irish tape?

-Erik, age 5

Mom, if you do your chores, I will give you $5 and some lip gloss!

-Caroline, age 4

{Drinking OJ with pulp for the first time} This juice tastes furry!

-Jude, age 4

Clara: Mom, have you ever seen a hammerhead shark?

Mom: No.

Clara: Why does that not surprise me?

-Clara, age 8

Mommy, will you listen to my heart beeps for a little bit?

-Layla, age 3

If you pretend you’re angry, that helps you poop, right?

-Cassidy, age 5

Daddy: We’ll have to buy some more of these.

Logan: Just go to Aaron’s.

Daddy: Aaron’s? What is Aaron’s?

Logan: You know, when we go to the store.

Daddy: Oh, you mean errands!

Mommy: Hold your horses, I’m getting your food ready!

Maia: Stop saying, that Mommy! I don’t have a horse!

Mom, I think my fish is sad. I just tried to get him to come up and slap my hand with his tail fin and he wouldn’t.

-Dylan, age 8

Mommy, I’m so over pomegranate.

– Ty, age 2

Daddy: Chloe, can you say, “I am articulate?”

Chloe: No. No daddy. I am not articulate.

– Chloe, age 17 months

Buddy: My brain hurts.

Mom: I’m sorry you have a headache, bud. That’s no fun.

Buddy: It feels like it is chomping my brain up.

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