Don’t Drive Dumb

By Oscar Myre IV
Valley Bugler Columnist
Hello Geeks,
We sure love our gadgets. What is your favorite? For many, it is the smart phone. There is more computing power in your pocket than they used to put man on the moon. You have infinite cosmic power in an itty bitty living space (please excuse the Aladdin reference) so you’d think we could conquer the world with our beloved devices.
If these phones are so smart why do their humans do such dumb stuff on them?
Dumb Stuff?
That is right. Have you ever seen a person talking on their phone, or texting or Facebooking or watching YouTube, etc, while driving? Ok most of us have done this before. We might be confident in our texting ability, but in reality using a cellphone while driving increases the risk of crashing by FOUR times. You might think you are really good at texting so it isn’t a real big deal. Lots of people think that, that is why over 25% of crashes today involve a cellphone. That isn’t smart. What is it that we need to do that warrants the risk of causing an accident? Putting your life, and the lives of others on the line?
Those kitten photos aren’t that cute! That message from your friend can probably wait until you arrive (safely) home.
Most people would never risk a DWI Driving While Intoxicated, but
we don’t think twice about about a DWI Driving while InTexticated. I encourage you to check out the Washington State Law RCW 46.61.668. A quick summary says you shouldn’t send, read, or write a text message while driving with a phone in your hand or in a way that impairs your vision for driving. This mean that you can use your phone so long as it is hands free. It clearly says you can use your phone as a navigation device. But, you shouldn’t touch it while driving or let it obstruct your view. So if you are holding your phone or putting it on your lap or if you having it on your console, isn’t it time to do something smart with your phone?
Yes. It is time to go hands free.
I tried going hands free for phone calls years ago with a bluetooth headset. It was a pain to keep the ear piece charged and where did I put that thing again? I hated it. But now you can connect your phone to your stereo with bluetooth or simply plug in your phone to the stereo for hands free calls and navigation.
Where do you put your phone? I’m glad you asked. You could throw it in your glove box, but I recommend you mount it on your dashboard or use a suction cup windshield mount.
There are lots of cheap Chinese made mounts that you can buy or you could buy a quality mount solution that is made in Seattle from Going hands free is the smart way to drive.
Oscar Myre IV is the head web geek of National Products Incorporated, providing mobile mounting options for vehicles, kayaks, boats and more. Check out their new web site:

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