Oscar’s Top 10 IOS Apps

Over the years I’ve shared my top ten iPhone apps. It is hard to believe but, the last article was almost 4 years ago. This is an updated list in no particular order of my favorite IOS apps. They run on iPhone, iPad and/or Apple TV.  Many of my old favorite apps are still favorites.

MapMyRun – Records and tracks pace, time and distance. At last count, I’ve run well over 1,000 miles with this app. Crazy.

You Version Bible – This still my favorite Bible app. In about 30 days I will have completed another read the Bible in a Year program. To be fair it read to me more than I read it this time around and it took more than a year.

Find my iPhone – This an important app to install before you need it.

Shutterfly Share Sites – As a soccer and basketball coach and Dad I rely on this app to keep up with the kids.

Reminders – This is a simple app that helps me get stuff done.

New to my list this time:

Real Racing 3 – Here is a car racing game with a bunch of very cool cars to drive. I’m not a big gamer, but I really enjoy this one on my phone and Apple TV.

Waze – Replaced Google Maps for me years ago as my in-car navigation. I use it almost every day to find the fastest route to my destination.

OfferUp – It’s a Craigslist killer. It is a great way to buy and sell stuff locally.

Mirror – Is an extension of a web & app design application that I use called Sketch. Mirror allows me to easily test the work that I’m doing on my Mac – on my phone.

PureFlix – Think of it as Netflix for Christians or for people who want just to watch some clean programming.

As a bonus, my kids shared with us their favorite apps…

Chloe’s favorites (high schooler)

OverDrive, YouVersion Bible, Instagram, Netflix, Amazon Music & Skyward

Cora’s favorites (middle schooler)

Snapchat, Netflix, Starbucks, Pinterest, Rider, Picsart & Video Star/Video FX

Oscar V’s favorites (elementary)

YouTube, Roblox, C.A.T.S., Mario Run & Disney Crossy Road.

Geek Tip: When we say favorite it is not necessarily the apps that we use most, but ones that we currently like a lot. If you’d like to see what IOS apps you use most you can go to Settings / Battery. If you scroll down to the heading of BATTERY USAGE you can tap on the little clock icon on the right and it will let you see what apps you’ve used most in the last 24 hours or 7 days.

This my no means a complete list. I invite you to share some of your favorites. ~:-)

By Oscar Myre IV

Valley Bugler Columnist

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