Rock like a Guitar Hero!

Many people have assumed over the years that I was in a band or at least I was musical. When asked if I play any musical instruments I’ve replied, yes I can play…actually press play on an iPhone.

I don’t mean to brag, but I can play with iTunes, Pandora, Spotify and even Amazon Music.

I must admit if you are reading this you are probably more musical than I. I like music, but as a musician, I’m a total Noob.

My musical ignorance is now changing. I’ve recently discovered a geek game called Guitar Hero. It debuted in 2005. However, it is very new to me.

Guitar Hero is a video game that simulates playing guitar in a rock band. It comes with the game and a toy guitar. In the lessons, we are learning some basic music theory. I’ve been working on the hairstyle for years, but frets, notes, cords, and timing were Greek to me. Not surprisingly my daughters, being experienced vocalists, are able to jump right in and understand the environment. They are however learning how to work with the instruments. Putting the theory into practice can be fun and difficult. It is sweet to see how quickly my son is picking up both the theory and application. I’m going to have it work twice (maybe x4) times as hard as him to stay anywhere close to him as we learn.

I’m going to put the guitar down for a quick disclaimer. For you musicians out there I’m not claiming this is a substitute out there for real-world music lessons/instruction but, it is a fun introduction to being a rock star. That being said My Aunt Barb started with Guitar Hero and later Band Hero (drums) years ago and now she is a drummer in a real band. She is also an advocate for girls to play drums.

If you haven’t ever played an instrument, the barrier to breaking into the music world can seem pretty big. This game might prove to be a great geeky gateway.

I don’t have any plans for a world tour in 2018, but after l learn to play a couple of songs I might just pick up a real guitar.

Fellow music Noobs, I challenge you to pick up a guitar or drums and rock!

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