Early Planting – Here’s what you can get going now

Spring is coming, and that means it is time to break out the seeds and early planting crops now in preparation. Here in the Northwest, we are blessed with a mildly temperate climate, and usually, all frost is gone by St. Patrick’s day.

Many standard veggies cannot be planted outside or started from seed until the ground warms up more, but there are a few that you can slip in now, and get rolling with your delicious “farm to table” gardening.

Cool season vegetables can be planted either directly in the soil with no cover, underneath a row cover or low tunnel, or even in pots and trays placed in a sunny window or porch. The covers tend to help warm the soil quicker and protect seedlings from a surprise frost or freeze. The pots and trays can be moved outside into the sunshine on warm days and brought inside at night. Container gardening is also an option, especially if you are limited on space, or just don’t want to manage a large garden.

Here is a list of the veggies that you can start planting now, and begin enjoying the health benefits that come from growing your own produce, well before the summer harvest begins.

• Lettuce / Chard / Spinach / Collard Greens / Kale / Cabbage

• Radishes / Root Veggies (carrots)

• Alliums / winter onions / Garlic

• Snow Peas / Sugar Snap Peas

• Potatoes from starts

• Herbs

**Tip: Soak pea seeds in water overnight before planting to give an even better boost to your production.

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