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Bug Bands

Summer brings with it the beautiful weather, which in turn brings about the……bugs. The no-see-ums, the mosquitoes and other flying critters that bite, suck and otherwise annoy the living daylights out of us all.

Introducing Bug Band, a DEET-Free Insect Repellent with Geraniol as it’s main ingredient. Repels Mosquitoes, flies, gnats, no-see-ums and fleas.

Geraniol has been tested to be more effective than citronella, and is utilized in the form of a bracelet, wipe, or spray.

I prefer the bands, as it’s easy to take them on and off, and doesn’t include needing to saturate my skin with the repellent.

Safe for the whole family, and doesn’t smell like you’re wearing bug spray, it’s a great choice for keeping away the biting critters this summer.

My family prefers the glow in the dark bands, obviously for the fun factor of glowing in the summer nights. The towelettes allow for specific areas to be covered easily and quickly, and you can just tuck them back inside the foil pack for re-use.

Bug Bands are safe for the entire family, so be sure to wipe down Fido with a towelette, or give him a spritz of the spray and you’ll all be glad you chose this natural Bug Repellent.

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Like most Americans, you’ll probably want to kick back and enjoy the summer days with a barbecue and ice cold drink in hand. But what about staying fit for bathing suit season? Here’s good news  – having a few cocktails doesn’t have to mean indulging in unwanted calories. Opt for a sugar-free plant-based alternative like RSVPSkinnies!

RSVP Skinnies, or “Skinnies”are the drink of choice this summer. These delicious little drink mixers are the first zero calorie, all-natural cocktail mixer on the market. They make for the perfect alternative to regular beverage mixers. The best part? They’re absolutely delicious.

“They’re refreshing, with just the right touch of acidic sweetness,” reported Taylor Campbell, taste tester and former bartender. “The Gimlet with gin made quick work of a ladies night in, and everyone enjoyed the taste”.

Multiple flavors are available, with the best part being NO sugar, zero calories and plant-based ingredients.

Pick up some calorie saving flavor at:, or their own website:

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