5 Reasons Why Your Business Should BLOG

Does your business BLOG?blogging-for-business
Whether you are a small business or a multinational company, blogging should be integral to your online content marketing strategy.
I’ve prepared this article of some of the top reasons why your Business should BLOG.
1) Show Your Expertise
You are sitting on a ton of knowledge that can help your potential clients and establish your credibility. If your focus is on helping and not worrying about impressing you will go far. Everyone wants to work with an expert. Don’t tell them you are, just show them.
Well written articles demonstrate your company as an industry leader. Articles that resonate with you clients needs & wants show your understanding of the market. Bonus: Your customers will benefit from the learning you provide.
2) Create a Buzz
The reality is that most of the content remains unchanged on most websites. The BLOG or news section is what is new and fresh. People go here to learn the latest about your company. This is your opportunity to inform and help your customers. Some blog content example may include, announcements, feature upcoming events, testimonials, highlight of individual staff members, feature case studies, sharing awards won, projects (completed, awarded, in process, etc) and giving thanks.
3) More Visitors from Social Media
The marketing world is a noisy place. If your BLOG is at the center of your online marketing, you can drive traffic from social media, eMail marketing & even other websites. Give your fans a reason to click through and visit website. Then post inbound links to specific BLOG articles. Your BLOG should be the destination of your Social efforts.
4) More Visitors from the Search Engines
Blogs by their design help tremendously with Search Engine Optimization (SEO / SERP). Fresh content is still a key to beating out your competitors in Google and the search engines.
Content TIP: Use keywords in your articles. List out the keywords, topics, and categories you want your business to be found with. Use these words, and related expressions when writing your posts. Take your SEO to the next level by hiring a SEO expert or DYI by using SEO tools (like WordPress SEO) to own your keyword space.
5) Improve your Focus
Blogging regularly about your business, industry, product or customer’s needs will help you to dial into the message you need to share and continue to share to your customers. This focus will naturally help improve how you cater your offering to your customers.
Are you in? I know you can do this.
Set Schedule
The key to starting and continuing to BLOG is to set a production schedule that will work for you. If you’ve never blogged before, then doing a weekly blog might not be sustainable (at this time). Start with an article a month. I also recommend that you publish your BLOG at the same time each month or week.
Whatever schedule you choose, stick with it. You can do this and your business will thank you. ~:-)

Oscar Myre IV is the Creative Director & Owner at omOriginals Marketing! a Washington based Web firm for over sixteen years. Serving National and International clients of all sizes. Call them at (360)575-9839 or omOriginals.com

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