Top Ten Valentine’s Gifts

Valentines Day is the one day a year where we get to show our loved one exactly how much we love him/her. Show your love with a special gift a one that comes from the heart and will last a lifetime. Here are 10 of the best both inexpensive and expensive. But remember Valentines Day is not about money it is about sharing your love with one another.

From spending a little moola to a LOT of moola (think Paris!) the key to a successful gift is the thought that is put into it.

1. A handmade Valentines Day card – a handmade card says much more then a shop bought one and will let your partner know exactly how much they mean to you. Decorate!

2. Fresh flowers – the key to this is how they are delivered. You could have them delivered to his/her place of work, don her apartment with them, or a single red rose with a ring attached to it. Ahhh, romance!

3. Chocolates – we are not talking about a box of roses, but more personal. Personalized chocolates are all the rage on Valentines Day and can be bought through Candy Bouquet – check out their ad on p.12

4. Plane tickets to Paris – Ah the city of love. Fly away for the weekend!

5. A romantic candlelit dinner – for two. Cook or order out his/her favorite meal light some candles, stand the wine in ice and light background music will set the scene perfectly.

6. Jewelry – a heart locket for her with a photo of the 2 of you inside, or maybe an engagement ring….

7. Love songs – put together a compilation of both your favorite love songs, and enjoy during dinner.

8. Say it with words – Write him/her a poem about how much he/she means to you. If you can’t write poetry give him a book of poetry instead.

9. Lingerie – this one is for both of you to enjoy.

10. Picture perfect – have a favorite photo of the 2 of you blown up and mounted onto a nice frame.

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