9 Tech Gadgets That Really Work For You and Your Pet

By Michelle Myre

Technology. It’s everywhere. Surrounding you on all sides. Technology is also widely available to help you with your beloved fur baby, aka “pet”.

Here are just a few of the tech gadgets that are available. Proving useful to you, and hugely beneficial to Fido, these gadgets can help in shaping a happier, healthier pet in your family.

1) GPS Tracking Collar

Almost all dog and cat owners know the terror of “losing” their pet. Whether they shot out of the door or jumped the fence, the panic is the same. Some collars also measure activity levels, veterinary records and have night lights.

2) Talking Ball / Toy

Animals need playtime when they’re alone, and talking toys or balls can help fill the void. Some toys have combinations of silly sayings and sounds when pushed or batted, or even other animal sounds, including your own voice…

3) Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Yes, you heard me correctly. It’s about time technology came up with something to take away that dreaded chore of cleaning the cat’s litter box. The Litter Robot 3 is an automatic self cleaning litter box where the cat’s waste is separated from the clean litter, and then dumped into a bag-lined carbon filter drawer. When the drawer is full, you’re notified to empty it.

4) Automatic Feeder

It is every pet owners anxiety when they are held up or detained at feeding time. An automatic dispenser for dry food can help eliminate that stress. You can program the feeders to automatically dispense a measured amount of food at a set time. Some even allow you to record your voice announcing mealtime.

5) Dog Puzzles

Most dogs can become bored while you’re away from the house during the day, and a bored dog can result in a plethora of negative consequences.

Enter programmable puzzle feeders. One such puzzle feeder is the CleverPet Hub, which offers pets challenges that get increasingly difficult as your dog figures out the basics. When Fido touches the right combo of lighted buttons, he is rewarded with dry kibble or treats. This tech gadget has an app to download, where you can schedule certain hours of play.

6) Self Warming Pet Beds

As a human, that sounds absolutely delightful, so my guess is that your sweet fur baby will appreciate it as well. Most self warming beds utilize the same technology as Mylar space blankets, reflecting a dog or cat’s own body heat to keep their bed cozy. No batteries or electricity required.

7) Cat Laser Toy

Place a laser toy in the center of a room, turn on your cat’s favorite setting, and let the fun begin. Some laser toys have up to 16+ different play patterns, and run on batteries.

8) Entertaining Dog Bones

It’s all the rage. One such company jumped on the interest and created the “Go Bone”. This “smart bone” has software inside that gives a different experience for each animal based on weight, breed, age and play. Your dog can get treats from it, chase it, squeak it, chew it or even throw and toss it. Controllable via a smartphone app, could be fun for you both!

[Above Photo: Charlie cat inspects his mom’s work. Photo by Elizabeth Krymis]

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