Be Kind to Animals Week 2018

Every year since 1915, millions of Americans come together during the first full week of May to show their compassion for animals.

For over 100 years Be Kind to Animals Week has worked with children, parents, teachers, and celebrities to build a better world for animals. Take a walk through history to see some of the remarkable milestones and personalities that have made Be Kind to Animals Week the longest-running commemorative week in U.S. history and the most successful humane education campaign ever!

Be kind – and show your compassion for animals – by taking our Kindness pledge! Join us and pledge to build a better world for animals all year long. Then be sure to share with your family and friends so they can join the effort!

Take the Kindness Pledge

I believe in kindness and compassion for all animals, and that all animals are entitled to humane treatment.

I will be kind to animals all year round by:

*Buying humanely raised products. I will seek out eggs, meat, and dairy products that are humanely raised, such as American Humane Certified products, helping to ensure the welfare of 10 billion farm animals.

*Protecting Earth’s Animals. I will learn about conservation efforts, and teach my family about wild animals and the need to protect them by visiting Humane Certified™ zoos, aquariums and conservation centers.

*Protecting Animal Actors. I will look for films featuring American Humane’s “No Animals Were Harmed®” end credit, ensuring the safety of hundreds of thousands of animal stars each year.

*Adopting from an animal shelter. If I choose to adopt or rescue a pet, I will do so from an animal shelter or a reputable breeder, saving the life of one of the 6-8 million animals who end up abandoned each year.

Kind Ways to Celebrate

Adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue; take care of your own pet through vaccinations and up-to-date identification; appreciate wildlife through creating inviting spaces for butterflies etc.; report animal abuse.

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