How to Prep Your Cat for Winter

Winter is coming! Winter is coming! The chant is echoing as Fall temperatures plummet, the rain descends and we anticipate Winter close on its heels. Are you and your kitty ready?

Most cat specialists recommend keeping cats indoors during super cold months, but even if your cat stays indoors there are a few things you’ll need to prepare for winter.

Here are a few things to consider for indoor kitty winter well-being, and also for outdoor feral cat care.

1. Indoor Heated Cat Bed

There are many choices out there now, but remember the intended use is for inside, not outside.

2. Indoor Plush Bed

There are other options for your cat, or maybe you want to provide more than one sleeping option to keep kitty warm. There are plush material beds that help attract cat fur, and even zip up into a burrito or taco shell style. Too cute.

3. Outdoor Insulated and Heated Cat Bed

If you have a feral cat that simply will not be able to come inside for the winter, consider an outdoor heated cat bed. Be sure to choose insulated and waterproof materials. Place in a protected area, like a garage or porch. Some sizes can hold up to four cats.

4. Laser Pointers

Keep kitties exercising and providing entertainment at the same time with laser pointers. Economical and fun to do with your feline companion, just make sure not to shine in her eyes. Make sure you purchase a laser pointer specifically made for pets.

5. Cat Tower

If your cat doesn’t have a climbing tower inside, we suggest pulling one out for the winter months, especially if they get outside sometime during the day usually. Make one and cover with carpet remnants, or purchase one made for your climbing kitty.

6. Warm Cat Jacket & Harness

If you’re wanting to take kitty out for some fresh air, or to feel the snow beneath her paws – make sure she’s connected to you. It’s no fun chasing or trying to find your cat in the cold wintertime, and it’s dangerous for her, too.

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