Prep your pets for Spring

Spring is coming and your pets can most certainly “scents” it, too! Here are a few tips to help your pets adapt to the change of the seasons:
1) Vet Checkup: Twice annual exams are a good idea for pets, since they age so much faster than humans. See how winter treated them with a vet visit.
2) Poochy pooch: People aren’t the only ones who deal with weight gain and fat accumulation over the winter. Two factors contribute, including they don’t get outside as much to exercise, and neither do you. Meaning you’re inside more, and could lead to more “sneaky snacking”. Shockingly, about half of all pets are overweight or obese, which can be directly linked to many illnesses.
3) Say Adios to additional little buggers: ‘Tis the season for fleas and ticks, so if you haven’t taken preventative measures to protect your animals from these nuisances, start today. If you don’t know what to get, consult your vet for the best product.
They can let you know which product would be best suited to your pet due to their lifestyle.
Many ‘natural’ products are also now available, making headway because of their effectiveness with the least amount of toxic substances.
Protect your pets now before there’s an infestation.
4) Heartworm: This was a pretty mild winter in the Northwest, and with the rainy spring set to arrive, mosquitoes will soon be joining the living.
These little pests carry numerous diseases, including heartworm, which can be fatal to cats and dogs. Preventative medicine is the route to go, since there are few treatments available once infected.
5) Brush brush brush: Shedding becomes couture for animals, which means more brushing for you. The more you brush, the less you will vacuum.
6) Microchip: Just do it.
Enjoy the outdoor opportunities that spring offers with your pets!

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