Voices of Woodland – The many FaceBook news and info pages of Woodland

Often Portland and Seattle news is too broad to tell us what’s happening right here in Woodland. But now, through Facebook, Woodland residents have a way to find out what’s going on around them, as it happens. Woodland’s first Facebook page, Voice of Woodland, lists 3000 followers. The page has no admin, or person/group to control posted content, so some readers have dropped away to avoid the virtual town hall that is sometimes filled with bickering, opinions and name-calling. But the desire for local news, as it happens, remains.

If one voice is good, more are better, right?

Whenever some readers believe they have a better idea, a new Woodland Facebook page is born. There are now Woodland pages to suit many styles.

Voice of Woodland II came along next, a page with an admin to keep out unwanted messages and drama. One of the newest pages, Woodland Washington Community Chat, seems to be about posting questions and asking advice. Another is the New Voice of Woodland.

Cowlitz County News covers the entire county and often contains news about Woodland. Sarah Rae Davenport started this page, and three admins assist her. “These groups,” Davenport said, “are a major change in the culture of news information.” People want the news as it happens, and many visit local Facebook pages rather than waiting to read about a story the next day. According to Davenport, many local papers use these groups to gather information for their stories.
Follower Tenievel Hansen says,

“I follow most Woodland pages and groups. I like to feel informed.” Admin Bill Josh likes to share a lot of content to let people know what’s going on around them.

To join Woodland pages that have an admin, just go to the Facebook page, click “join,” and agree to the rules stated in the page description. The admin will do a quick scan of your profile before allowing you to become part of the group.

These pages aren’t just for news. Buying or selling? There’s the Woodland Swap and Sale, a handy way to find what you’re looking for, close to home. Woodland WA Kids Resale is a great place to stretch your budget, and Woodland WA Virtual Garage Sale lets you find treasures in your community, year around.

Lost your dog? Found a wandering goat? Can’t locate your car? Go to Woodland WA’s Lost Found and Stolen. Not only can the community help find your lost dog, but you can post your reunion photos with Fido. The timeliness of the posts makes finding your lost pet or possession more likely.

Are you looking for information for or about children? Woodland Strong and Woodland School District Parents Community are child and schoolcentered. Parents and others also enjoy Woodland Rocks, the page that tracks painted rocks that play hide and seek around town.

People have different needs, and now there are many Facebook pages where you can hear the voices of your community and where your voice can be heard.

Pat Nelson, is co-creator of three humorous and sometimes edgy anthologies: ‘Not Your Mother’s Book: On Being a Parent’ (Amazon.com & retailers); On Being a Grandparent; and On Working for a Living.

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