Windows on Woodland Christmas 2014

It’s time to start unpacking strings of lights, shiny ornaments and sparkly tinsel for another season of Christmas decorating. But wait . . . it’s not just the house that gets decorated these days. Some men go shopping for Santa suspenders, red shirts and holiday socks. Women often buy new Christmas outfits and visit their hair salons for a color or a new style. But one of the most popular forms of personal holiday decorating involves nails . . . no, not the kind you pound with a hammer . . . I’m talking about fingernails and toenails.
Nail techs will be busy through the month of December applying special holiday art to glossy, just-polished nails. Customers will have a tough time not only selecting the perfect color from the racks but also deciding between hundreds of examples of holiday nail art. Will it be Christmas trees, peppermint candies, stars or snowflakes? Or maybe reindeer, snowmen or a thin brushing of glitter to represent falling snow? Gift packages topped with bows, Christmas-light strings draping from one fingernail to the next or penguins in a row? Or something different on each finger and toe?
If you are unsure of which designs to choose for your next manicure, use a Google search to do your homework before you head to the shop. If you arrive at the shop still undecided, ask your nail techs to show you some photos of nail art they have painted.
At Solar Nails and Spa, 1309 Lewis River Road, Woodland, next to Ace Hardware, customers are already asking owners Joanne and Greg Huntsman for ideas. Joanne has been doing nails in Woodland since 2003 and has seen more and more clients become interested in adding art to their nails. Some like to have every finger decorated. Others are happy to spend $5 to have a design painted on one finger of each hand.
Joanne started the shop, and when husband Greg (pictured above) joined her as a nail tech, he already had 13 years of painting experience, but not in a shop like hers. Before learning to paint nails, Greg worked at a body shop where his canvases were a lot larger . . . he painted cars. Working in that career, he was proud to send out his paint jobs looking their best, just like he is today. After he applies shiny coats of polish, many of today’s customers want some special detailing . . . and Greg is happy to paint designs on their nails. His work and that of all of Woodland’s nail artists will be on display this season at holiday parties and around Christmas trees, and guests will admire not only the home’s decorations, but also this unique form of personal holiday decorating . . . nail art.
[Photo by Pat Nelson.]

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